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About us

Hello world!

We are young people from Shanghai, China, who are passionate about life, art, travel, philosophy and culture of both oriental and western. We stay curious about the world and would love to explore every part of it. Trying to understand different culture, looking for amazing things to share is the things that we enjoy most in our life.

What is hofdeco.com?

"HOF" stands for Heritage of Fingers. We believe that the cultural heritage of human society are inherited by the fingertips and wisdom of our human ancestors, and we are proud to play a part in that as well. We started to learn everything about fabric, design and craft from scratch to create our own hand-made products for home decor. After rolling around in the mud to sell our products in several e-commerce platforms for about one year, we launched hofdeco.com in 2016. It's an online retail shop where our perspective and understanding of the world come to life on products.

What is about our product?

Hofdeco.com focuses on a range of products for the home, such as decorative pillows and throws. For us, hofdeco.com is our effort to take the journey of our exploration further and bring exquisite home decor products from across the globe in eclectic designs inspired by our travel and understanding of life. We indulge in our artistic passions with a collection of unique decorative pillows and throws including contemporary, traditional, bohemian, oriental, whimsical… through these little decorative items, you have a chance to bring world of variety, style and color to your day, every day!

What do we care most?

While it's fun living on the edge with too many ideas and not enough time, We are serious about handcrafted perfection and specialized customer service. In our shop, all of our products are carefully sourced and hand-made in China. We care deeply about making products that are not only beautiful, but also high quality so that you can enjoy them for years to come!

Please stay with us! 

Running business is not easy, but we get to hoard all of the satisfaction of sending items off to their new homes! This is just our start, we will never stop exploring. If you have any new idea or advice, please let us know and we will be so grateful for your sharing.

Please enjoy poking around hofdeco.com, buy some decorative pillow covers, and come back soon! We're growing! 

Contact us 

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email: cs@hofdeco.com

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