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Hofdeco Wholesale Program


Love our products and feel attractive to your customers? Do not hesitate and join our Wholesale Program now!

We love to work with boutiques, stores, online sites, and retailers globally!!

Partner with us today and spread the inspiration to simple and cozy living culture!!!

Hofdeco Wholesale Features

-  Competitive Tiered Wholesale Pricing*
-  Exclusive to all Hofdeco collections, including Premium
-  Low minimum order quantity required
-  One-click online order placement
*Some countries or regions might not be applied

Proven Win-Win Success

We have received many positive feedbacks from our wholesalers that Hofdeco products have helped them to continuously grow their business and bring more customers.

How to Join Hofdeco Wholesale Program?

Simple! Only 2 Steps!

First, create a Hofdeco account via Link.

Second, fill out the Wholesale Application Form.

You will receive the confirmation e-mail with program details after your application is approved.


For more details, please refer Hofdeco Wholesale FAQs .

Also, you could contact:

Email: co@hofdeco.com

Hofdeco Wholesale Operations