Hofdeco Designer Trade Program

Hofdeco Designer Trade Program

Our Designer Trade Program is here to help your clients celebrate their individuality and elevate their every day!!!

Our Designer Trade Program isn’t just for interior designers! It is open to architects, home developers, set designers, event planners, and other professionals who love our products!

Becoming a Designer Trade member means you will:

- Meet your client’s particular needs through our wide selection of items and styles. Not all projects are the same!
- Enjoy special buying privileges and personalized service, including pre-order new collections and unlimited order fulfillment
- Receive an exclusive discount on ALL full-price merchandise on our website
- Available to our tiered pre-paid discount policy. The more you pre-paid, the more you save!
- A dedicated team available to assist with any purchases, invoices, and shipping instructions through the buying process


How Do I Join Hofdeco Designer Trade Program?

Sign up for the Hofdeco account and fill out the Designer Trade Program Application Form. We will review and reply to you within 1-2 business days.

Please refer to Hofdeco Designer Trade Program FAQs to learn more

Also, you could contact:

Email: cs@hofdeco.com

Hofdeco Designer Trade Program Operation